Won – TechNet BizTalk Technical Guru medal

My first article on TechNet Wiki has won a medal in Microsoft TechNet BizTalk Technical Guru – September 2013 competition.

 TechNet Guru Awards – September 2013

Won TechNet BizTalk Technical Guru medal

Microsoft’s TechNet Wiki selects the best 3 articles for every month and glad my first article won TechNet BizTalk Technical Guru medal for September-2013.

My article was about one of the questions posted in BizTalk forum, where an user wanted to:

  • Create a flat file schema for delimited file with tag identifiers for header and      detail which is not at the beginning of the record.
  • Group the header and detail based on a date field.
  • Debatch the grouped record by date.

Some of the comments from Judges plane which chosen the winners:

Mandi Ohlinger: “Oh. My. Goodness. Thank you for putting this on the Wiki! You’ve definitely resolved some scenarios.”
Tord Glad Nordahl: “Again, the top 3 articles this month out-class the others with amazing content, well described and elements that are on huge demand from the community! Thanks!”
Ed Price: “You can see how much thought has gone into each of the images to make this incredibly clear. Once again, this was a fantastic month for BizTalk content and the true winners here are all the BizTalk users!”

Glad my article has been useful to BizTalk community :)

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