Integrate 2016 – My session on – Unified tracking across on-premise and the cloud

On May 2016 for Integrate 2016 in ExCel Exhibition Center in London, I took a session on ”Unified tracking across on-premise and the cloud”.

Integrate 2016 - Speaker

INTEGRATE 2016 is a premier integration conference for anyone who is working in Microsoft Integration space. The sessions were geared towards addressing the challenges of modern day integration and digital transformations.

The session was attended by 400+ people, sponsored by Microsoft and BizTalk360 (main sponsors) had 26 speakers including product managers from Microsoft and MVPs. This event was also live streamed to expand its audience reach.

I am one of the speakers in this year’s event. I spoke about “Unified tracking across on-premise and the cloud” – Tracking has always been the important requirement of the integration. Now with the scope of the integration need expanded from on-premise to cloud, tracking the technical and business process and viewing these tracked data in one consolidated place is paramount. Users don’t want to view on-premise data and cloud-tracked data in two different places. With BizTalk BAM and Azure LogicApp’s extensible nature we can show how Azure PowerBI can become a one-stop shop to monitor and analyse, the on-premise and cloud tracked data. I showed demo about

  • How to track on-premise data and show in Power BI where I used BAM to track the data in BizTalk and how Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) data can be shown in Power BI.
  • How to track the data in cloud (Logic Apps) and show it in Power BI
  • How to tracked data from on-premise (BizTalk) and cloud (Logic App) and show it as a consolidated view in Power BI

My demos include technology stacks like BizTalk Server, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), Azure Logic Apps, Event Hubs, Stream Analytics, Power BI etc.

Video of my session is available here – Unified tracking across on-premise and the cloud.

Videos of other all the speakers session can be seen here.

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