Integration Monday Session-Blog-Interesting and new features in Azure Logic Apps-Part 2

Update [25-Feb-2016]: This blog post used Azure Logic Apps – Preview v1 for demos. The demo version using Logic Apps Preview Refresh which was released yesterday will be published for these demos.

This second part of the blog post about my Integration-Monday session on “Interesting and new features in Azure Logic Apps” (12-Oct-2015) ( I showed demo on using Do-Until Loop and C-Sharp in  Azure Logic Apps – Preview v1. First part of this blog post series can be found here.

Demo 4: Using Do-Until:

In the 4th demo, I showed how to use Do-until loop in Logic App. We can use Do…until loop to repeat an action until a certain condition is met. In the demo I used Do-Until loop to post a message 5 time to an URL. I used to generate an URL using RequestBin utility and showed the message posts from Logic App to the URL.

This loop is really handy when you want certain things to execute for a defined number of times or until a condition is met.

Demo4 - Do Until Loop

Demo 5: Using C-Sharp API App:

In my fifth demo, I showed one of the new additions to the list of API Apps to use in Logic App – C-Sharp API Apps. This API app was added after getting feedback from user where one of the top rated/requested few was to have the ability to add user expressions in Logic Apps. This API app enables us to integrate a script into the execution of the Logic App. We can either use Javascrip API or C-Sharp API app.

In the demo, I showed how to install and use this API App from github ( The time I demoed and when I write this blog, this API App can only be installed into your Azure resource group from github. In the demo, I used a simple replace script, which replaced a word “Major” with “Ashwin” in the coming message.

Demo5 - Using CSharp API

With Logic App is in Preview, we can expect more updates in near future. With the recent announcement from Microsoft during “Connect();2015” (, during 2016 Q1, we can expect Logic App with designer update where the API app shown will be updated, but the concepts shown in my demo may remain same.

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