M.R.AshwinPrabhu interview in Microsoft TechNet

Last week for Microsoft-TechNet blogs, I have been interviewed by Maheshkumar S Tiwari – Microsoft Integration MVP. Its been published in Microsoft-TechNet blogs. Interview with BizTalk Guru: M.R.Ashwinprabhu, Integration MVP and TechNet Guru Medal Winner Thanks Mahesh for the interview.

Awarded Microsoft Integration MVP 2014

I had read similar blogs from others in the past, but never imagined I would write a blog on this subject for me. Yes, I have been given Microsoft MVP award for Integration. Today (being 1st April) when I received an email with subject “Congratula​tions 2014 Microsoft MVP!” initially I Continue reading

Cumulative Update and BizTalk Version

There is some confusion exists between Cumulative Update and BizTalk Version. Recently, when we have installed cumulative update 6 (CU) in our client’s BizTalk Server 2010 environment. Our client was in an assumption that this new CU would update the version details of the BizTalk server. And as part of their Continue reading

How to access ShapeID in BizTalk Orchestration

There was a question asked in MSDN BizTalk forum recently about how to access the ID of the shape/ ShapeID in BizTalk Orchestration. When Orchestration encounters an unhandled exception, you would see ShapeID in the suspended message: InstanceId: Instance_ID Shape name: ThrowException_1 ShapeId: Shape_ID Exception thrown from: segment 4, progress 3 Continue reading

The HTTP send adapter cannot complete the transmission within the specified time

Yesterday a question was posted in MSDN-BizTalk forum about the following error: Event Type:   Error Event ID:       5754 Description: A message sent to adapter “HTTP” on send port “<SendPortName>” with URI “<URL>” is suspended. Error details: The HTTP send adapter cannot complete the transmission within the specified time. The questioner Continue reading

Using BizTalk with Fiddler

I have been using Fiddler in my BizTalk projects for a while now and thought I would blog about using BizTalk with Fiddler. To exchange information between Microsoft BizTalk Server and an application by means of the HTTP(S) protocol, in BizTalk we have many adapters like HTTP, SOAP, WCF adapters. Continue reading

Introducing M.R.ASHWINPRABHU by Steef-Jan Wiggers

Today Steef-Jan Wiggers posted a blog about me in his BizTalk Community Series where he introduces BizTalk community members in his blog. BizTalk Community Series: Introducing M.R.ASHWINPRABHU‏ Steef-Jan Wiggers: Steef-Jan Wiggers needs no introduction to BizTalk community. He is a MVP, author of the book “BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook”, architect Continue reading

BizTalk and WCF SOAP Action

I have been seeing this error haunting some developers in WCF service with BizTalk. Someone has posted this error again in BizTalk forum recently. When you send message to a WCF service from BizTalk, if the send port or orchestration is not configured properly you may get this error. “<s:Envelope Continue reading

How to process the delimited flat file with tag identifiers not at the beginning-Grouping-Debatching

Today, I have posted my first TechNet Wiki article today. This article is based on one of the questions in MSDN BizTalk forum. Questioner wanted to Create a flat file schema for delimited file with tag identifiers for header and detail which is not at the beginning of the record. Continue reading