BizTalk “Error details: The system cannot find the file specified” find the root cause using Process Monitor tool

There was a question asked recently in MSDN BizTalk forums that the questioner has deployed a solution with various BizTalk components. And it worked fine in development when he deployed the code in test environment; he was getting the error as follows:

“….Error details: The system cannot find the file specified.”

This generally occurs when one of the dependent assemblies is not GACed. But how to identify which assembly did I miss to deploy? One of the ways to debug this issue is by using Process Monitor tool.

I tried to simulate this case, where I created a map wherein I have used a custom component (a custom functiod), I deployed/GACed the schemas and maps but not the custom component. Created a simple Receive Location with File adapter to pick a file from a folder, configured the map (which has the custom component in it) in the Receive Port’s inbound map and a send port with the filter based on Receive port. Drop a file in the folder and message got suspended with the above error.

Now I reran the same case with Process Monitor running. In the Process Monitor, I set filter for Process Name to be my BizTalk host name. So Process Monitor filter was like this..

  • Process Name is BTSNTSVC.exe
  • Result is not SUCCESS

Process Monitor Filter

Many processes will be running in your server and it’s vital to provide filter to get the refined result set.

Also I ensured that I have stopped all other host instances and lessen my distractions from other processes. In most of your case, it’s not possible to stop all other running host instances. It’s not mandatory but helps.

Then ran the Process Monitor, since I have configured filter which said “Result is not SUCCESS”, I can only see the process stack which were not success. I browsed through the result trace and can quickly found the name of the assembly in the “Path” column of the result trace.

Process Monitor Trace

In the error result trace from Process Monitor, I looked only for any custom component which I developed and it was easy to find the assembly which I didn’t GACed. In general to “Error details: The system cannot find the file specified” error, Process Monitor shall help you to identify the file which caused this error.

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